Meet your yoga


Our Story

To be honest, our story is a pretty simple one.

The two of us, Kristin and Laura, were put in touch by our mentor in 2019 when Laura was finishing up her 200 hour training. Kristin received her 200 hour certificate the year before. Over the course of the next year and a half, our friendship grew over a shared passion for Yoga and crystals! Towards the end of 2020, the craziest of years for everyone, we were chatting about how the world as a whole could use a little Yoga!

We felt like even though we might not be able to reach the whole world, we could at least try our best to bring some Yoga to the people of Goldsboro and the surrounding areas. Thus, the idea of The Yoga Spot at GSB was born! Why GSB?? That’s the location identifier for the airport on Seymour Johnson, AFB. Laura is a military spouse and Kristin spent eight years active duty and reserves in the US Air Force, so the base and the military are near and dear to their hearts.

Laura Dlugiewicz

Co-Owner, Instructor

Kristin Keim

Co-Owner, Instructor

Hey all, I’m Laura

I have been practicing  Yoga since 2017 but its been within the last two years, once I started  my Yoga teacher training, that I’ve gained a much deeper love and  respect for Yoga and what it has to offer. For me, Yoga is so much  more than a fitness regime, it is a way of life and I do my best to live my Yoga off my mat as well as on. I believe in kindness, respecting  others, living truthfully, and striving for a holistically healthy lifestyle. The lineage of Yoga I study puts a strong focus on  connecting breath and movement, mind and body. 

I also coach CrossFit, so I love bringing  strength components into my classes. I know how empowering it feels  to be strong physically as well as mentally. I love that Yoga can help  with both and I wish to share these aspects with all who are willing!

What I Offer

Weekly Classes

Our classes are a great way to find enjoy our  community and connect with like minded individuals.

Private Lessons

If you have a more personal concern, our private sessions offer a more  intimate experience.

Focus Areas

Laura’s specialties include breathwork,  gentle movement, strength, range of motion and balance.

Other places to find Laura: The Yoga  Connection in Smithfield, NC. The Press Room in Princeton, NC

Hey! I’m Kristin

I discovered yoga through my husband, while we both were practicing Jiu Jitsu. In an effort to gain more flexibility  we found an online community where the instructor also taught yoga. Yoga just clicked for me.

I was a professional dancer for over 5 years and have been practicing ballet, and many other forms of dance for over 20 years. Yoga offers movement and physical stretching as well as strengthening similar to dance. I also  have a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Hawaii Pacific University, and enjoy the  positive effects yoga has on someone who is seeking that mental calmness and stillness from their daily hustle and bustle. Being able to combine these two passions of mine, movement of the  body and calmness of the mind, inspired me to offer yoga to others as well. 

Yoga, for me, is about the ability to find balance. Not only the physical kind but the mental and spiritual kind as well. 

What I Offer

Weekly Classes

Our classes are a great way to find enjoy our  community and connect with like minded individuals.

Something for Everyone

You will find classes with me are a mix of strength and flexibility, not only of the body but of the  mind as well. 

Focus Areas

Kristin’s specialties include flexibility,  strength, and balance.  

Other places to find Kristin: The Press  Room in Princeton, NC and CrossFit Bohica in Goldsboro, NC

Common Questions

Do I need to be flexible/strong to start doing Yoga?
No! Despite what Instagram would have you believe, flexibility and strength are not prerequisites for doing Yoga. Increased strength and flexibility are possible outcomes, however, of a well disciplined Yoga practice!
Are dependents of Military included in your military discount?
Yes. The sacrifices made are not by the active duty member alone, the family carries those burdens as well so our discount is extended to dependents as well.
What Should I bring/Wear?
Clothing you can move comfortably in is strongly suggested, however what that means to a particular person may vary greatly 🙂 If you have a mat or any props you plan to use you are welcome to bring them. However, we do have mats and wide array of props are provided during class times if you do not bring your own.
Which classes should I try?
We recommend reading through our class list and seeing what speaks to you the most right off the bat. However, we also suggest giving several classes a try. You may surprise yourself by loving something you never thought you would! You never know until
you try!