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Stiff body, stuck mind, ruminating thoughts. Find your balance at The Yoga Spot.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga offers a wide variety of tools to help manage tension caused by  day to day stressed. On top of working to manage those day to day  stressors, Yoga can also increase strength and flexibility to offer an increase range of motion. 

Improve Balance

A wide variety of Asana offer a way to build core stability and muscle  strength which can help to increase a students sense of balance.


Stiff Body

Through physical asana, Yoga has the ability to increase strength  and flexibility leading to increased range of motion.  


Mental Clarity

Yoga aims to quite the fluctuations of the mind through asana,  pranayama (breathwork), and meditation.  

Sense of Community

TYS offers a safe place for like minded individuals to come together  and practice Yoga “Participating in yoga classes can ease loneliness  and provide an environment for group healing and support. Even  during one-on-one sessions loneliness is reduced as one is  acknowledged as a unique individual, being listened to and  participating in the creation of a personalized yoga plan.”
– Johns Hopkins Medicine


How we feel affects how we breathe and how we breathe affects  how we feel. Through breath work and Pranayama, Yoga seeks to  teach students to connect with their breath. It also teaches that having control  over their breath has the ability to give them some power over how  they feel.  

Find Your Happy Place

We offer classes for everyone.

No matter if you are an experienced yogi or just trying yoga for the first time. We have classes that cater to babies and caregivers, 55+ and more.

Take a look at our full class list to find your perfect fit.

Our Instructors

Laura Dlugiewicz

Co-Owner, Instructor

Kristin Keim

Co-Owner, Instructor

Community Feedback

Yoga with GSB is so good. Not only do I feel refreshed when leaving,  but I feel inspired. The classes are well balanced with a lot of  modifications to find what works best for all who come. Yoga  helped me to feel better in my own body after surgery, giving me  the outlet to move but with safe and considerate instruction.

– Lace B

Kristin lead a great yoga practice, learning how to  lengthen my breath was incredibly valuable to me and their knowledge of oils was very helpful to all in the class. I am incredibly glad that I chose to step out of my box and try  something new with these ladies and look forward to more educational opportunities with them in the future  

– Darrah H

I’ve been taking yoga with the ladies from GSB for over a year and  have been so blessed to grow my yoga practice with these lovely  instructors. These ladies listen to the little details about my life  and know how to bring that into my yoga practice, making me  feel like it was just what I needed. I love growing with these  ladies and am so thankful for this community they have created.  

– Kenya M

I attended the Mala making and intention setting workshop at the  beginning of 2021. Thank you very much! This was a great  workshop! Very well done and provided useful techniques for  deeper focus and healthy breathing which were delivered in an  excellent manner. I would highly recommend your workshop to  anyone that is interested in improving their ability to deal with  today’s stressful world.  

– Kathy L

I attended the Mala bead & intention setting class at the beginning of  2021. The environment was incredibly safe and Covid friendly without compromising the welcome and personable feeling one hopes for. Laura was incredibly patient and knowledgeable about the purpsefullnes of the beads and how to construct our pocket  Malas.

– Darrah H

Who is Yoga For?

“If you can breathe, you can do Yoga.”

This is a sentiment put out by T. Krishnamacharya. Here at The Yoga Spot at GSB, we agree with this  statement whole heartedly. Yoga truly is for EVERYONE!